CEP818 / Coursework

See, Saw

From up top, the fat man looks
like he could be one of them,
that they could be him some day.

From up top, he appears to
be their size, not fat at all.
If they could slide down, they’d know.
Sitting at the longest end,
holding the small ones hostage
takes the fat man no effort.
They saw their hopes and their dreams.
What they see is the fat man
walk away from the seesaw.
What would Archimedes say,
seeing the world moved this way?

My content area topic is independence.  Below is my original description:

Teaching 9th grade Government, most students can tell me that there is a thing called the Declaration of Independence, but have little idea about what that really means.  It’s not just their limited historical context and understanding or the language of that document that presents a significant challenge to my students.  The most difficult challenge that I see is a conceptual one.  I find that my students often struggle to understand the very idea of independence.  They want independence badly in so many ways, but cling to their dependence on others in so many different ways.  I’ve chosen to take a new look at this idea in order to help my students begin to “see” and realize greater independence in their learning and lives.  

In the poem above, I continue to explore the idea of interdependence as essential to independence.  Balance, equilibrium, equality, equity; each of these abstract ideas is called into question when considered from either perspective on the analogical seesaw–from the perspective of the “masses” up top or that of the “fat man” sitting farthest from the fulcrum.

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