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Crackerbox, Inc.

Crackerbox, Inc. created two advertisements for their social business*:

*A few of notes:

  • The first ad lists the main telephone number for Providence Day School as a contact number.  I suspect that the wonderful folks answering that line would be exceptionally friendly and have little to no knowledge of Crackerbox, Inc.  If you would like to contact Crackerbox, Inc., I suggest emailing me at and I can put you in touch.
  • The first ad also says “Donate or Trade Today!”  Please do not donate to Crackerbox, Inc. In order for my students to learn about the subjectivity of value and values, they must exchange goods and/or services for other goods and/or services such that each party feels as though they are better off as a result of the exchange.  In this way, there is not only a “win-win” scenario (in which both parties walk away as “winners”), but a “win-win-win-win-win” (in which both parties walk away with something that is of greater value to them (2x “wins”), each party has the positive feeling of contributing to the benefit of others (2x more “wins”), the recipients of Crackerbox’s school supplies get some of what they need in order to learn (1x “win”)).
  • The second ad says, “call toll free” and lists the same number as the first ad (see note above) but does not list a toll free number.  I don’t think that they knew what “toll free” meant, having grown up in an age of cell phones rather than one of land-lines with long-distance rates.

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