Dress It Up for Prom / The Paperclip Project

Dress It Up for Prom

We chose our storyline in the hopes that viewers would be compelled to donate through personal experience, not through pity. Nearly all of us have agreed pity is not as effective as relating something to personal memory. As our charity is based on an event, we need our advertisement to be aired before prom season. As far as where it should be aired, we think that we will get more donations if we show it to an older crowd. Obviously, girls that have not had their prom will not be able to donate a dress. Overall we believe our ad should be aired because a dress is far more than a dress. It is a memory that these girls will have for the rest of their lives, and they deserve to have it.

Our marketing strategy it to create healthy and long lasting relationships with the people we are collecting prom dresses from. We want to collect our product in a friendly and kind way to make people want to continue helping in our journey. We do not want to set a price on these dresses really because their true value is in the memories they will create to the girls they go to. The place that all of this is happening is in our community and through friends and family. We want to have happy relationships with people who are willing to give up their old dresses that created memories for them so other girls can create new memories. As far a promotion goes, everyone in our company works on an equal level. Our employees receive rewards based on the quality of the work they do and not the quantity.

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