Create Co. / The Paperclip Project


Our advertisement shows the importance with the problem itself. Many kids find themselves in poverty, making education not one of their first goals to accomplish. Our company wants to change this and give many kids the opportunity to succeed with their education. We had kids receive school supplies that we gave them. In our video, you can tell this means a lot to them knowing that they will have something so simple to draw with that they didn’t have before.  We hope our video gets our message out, and shows a purpose we want to make. Helping the kids, and having as many people as possible involved with our story will make it mean much more to the kids, and us.

CREATE Co LogoOur commercial tries to show the effects that kids face with no school supplies. They face education problems, and feel bad about themselves. Our company is trying to save as much school supplies to help as many students as possible in the poverty line. We care for kids education and want to help them to succeed their best. Trade and item and school supplies with us to help!



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