The Paperclip Project / Trading for Treats

Trading for Treats Final Reflection

Our story begins a few days into second semester. Mr. Downs has just introduced a new project that we’ll be working on for the rest of the semester, the Paperclip Project. The idea of this project is to create a social business based on trading up for items that’ll hopefully create some sort of long lasting good. In the first week of trading, we traded the paperclip and ended up with a Providence Day official water bottle and some glasses. Things were great. We made a total of six trades that week. Things went downhill from there. Other groups had clear intentions of where they were going and what they wanted their social business to become. However, we had no path outlined, and we did not even have a real group name. 

In week four, Trading for Treats was born, and things started piecing together. We stumbled along. Some weeks we even forgot to make trades. It was around week nine that we actually decided what we wanted to trade for towels and Items off the Humane Society’s wish list. We began at a slow pace, one towel, two towels. But then, something changed. Once we focused on a specific goal, to collect towels, things just fell into place.

In the last few weeks, we collected over twenty towels, some dog and cat food, and even an iPad. We donated all our deliverables to the Charlotte Humane Society. When we lumbered in with huge bags full of towels, the employee’s faces lit up. They were so glad that we had come and donated so much. Just this moment, had made all of our struggles worth it. It’s nice knowing that we truly made a real difference in the lives of those people and the animals they’re helping. One of our group members, Sarah, is taking the next stop and fostering some animals over the summer. We may not all be continuing our work past this school year, but know our impact will make a long lasting difference on the lives of animals in need.

Trading for Treats

To view Trading for Treats’s mid-semester advertisement, click here.


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