Bare Necessities / The Paperclip Project

Bare Necessities Final Reflection

We started with just a paperclip.  Our goal was to provide warmth for the people of Charlotte who couldn’t afford to do so.

For the first few weeks, everything was steady.  We contacted plenty of people and collect a decent amount of good that contributed to our end goal.  Then, it began to go down hill.  Our business was becoming lazy, we had a group member that dragged us down no matter how hard we tried to induce motivation.  We had to fire a group member.  We had hit a rut and were quickly running out of tradable goods.  Two weeks went by with no trades, and we were becoming desperate.  We had been too careless, giving away valuable assets to our company, although we made new contacts and persevered throughout the rest of our course.  In the end, we ended up with 15-20 items to contribute to Crisis Assistance, who will donate our items to the people who cannot independently keep themselves warm during the winter.

Bare Necessities

To view Bare Necessities’s mid-semester advertisement, click here.


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