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Dress It Up for Prom’s Final Reflection

“Providing people with long lasting memories that will stay with them forever.”

Our company, Dress it up for Prom, has had a long and amazing journey that is not over yet.  At the beginning of the semester in January, our company of five had no idea what we were going to do.  We had a really hard time coming up with ideas because of our different personalities and opinions, but finally we found one that intrigued us all–collecting prom dresses to give to girls who cannot afford them.

We were so excited once we had chosen an idea, and we could not wait to get our company going.  To start out our trading, we traded our Providence Day paper clip to get some stationary.  We then knew we had to make our community aware of our Dress it up for Prom project.  To get the word out that we were collecting dresses, we put a notice in the school’s Thursday Notes, emailed moms of older girls that have already graduated from high school, created a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and texted any friends we thought would have dresses they would like to donate.  Once people contacted us or brought us dresses if they saw our announcements, we would write them a thank you letter to further explain our project and how excited we were about their donation.

Everything seemed to be figured out except for how we were going the get the dresses to girls in need.  One of the members in our group had a friend who goes to Queen’s Grant High School, and she said that the prom dresses would be greatly appreciated!  We thought we had everything figured out, and we kept collecting more and more dresses and sending tons of notes to show our thanks!

Nothing could mess our project up unless the school cut ties with us.  Unexpectedly, this happened.  We sent a final email to plan out when we would bring the dresses to Queen’s Grant High School according to their prom, but sadly, we received an email back from one of the teachers there that runs the student government saying no dresses were needed.  Our group was crushed.  We were so excited about all of the amazing dresses being donated, and at the moment it seemed like our project was over.

Girl TalkLuckily, this was not the end of Dress it up for Prom.  After doing some research with our Global Civics teacher, Mr. Downs, our company was able to find a program in Charlotte run by the Girl Talk Foundation, an organization that focuses on empowering young girls.  We did a little more research and found out that Girl Talk’s “Prom Project”, was perfect for us. The “Prom Project” is a project started to collect dresses and then host a boutique at ImaginOn in uptown Charlotte in April.  At this boutique, all of the dresses collected over the year are out on display, and any girl in need is allowed to come and pick out a dress for their special prom night!  At the boutique there is also shoes and jewelry, and the girls even get to take a small etiquette class to prepare them for the big night.  Our company was delighted to have found this project as a back up!

We quickly contacted Girl Talk and told them about them about the 30+ dresses we had collected.  They were beyond thrilled that we had so many dresses to contribute, and we dropped them off a couple days before the boutique, while Girl Talk was setting everything up.  All of the women working at the boutique were so gracious and thankful, and our company was so happy we were able to partner with them.

Dress it up for Prom has had a very long and winding journey this spring semester, but all of our company’s hard work has really paid off!  We are so happy to have made some girls’ prom special and meaningful, and we loved our project so much that we are hoping to continue it for next year’s prom season!

We plan on making our project permanent during the spring semester each year so we can help collect dresses for Girl Talk or even create our own prom dress boutique that girls in need can attend!  We are saving our extra materials including thank you cards for the coming years because we love sharing our thanks with everyone who donates their dresses.  Follow on Instagram @dressitupforprom, on Twitter @dressitup_prom, and like us on Facebook at Dress it up for Prom.  We are so excited to continue this amazing journey of creating memories for girls that will last forever, and hopefully, with more preparation, for boys too who are in need for a tux or shoes in the upcoming years.

With love,

Dress it up for Prom

Tracy, Kate, Jessie, Olivia, Saajan, and George

Dress It Up for Prom

To view Dress It Up for Prom’s mid-semester advertisement, click here.


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