Cans for Kids / The Paperclip Project

Cans for Kids Final Reflection

Inspiration drives humanity to greatness.  Being humans, we strive towards perfecting imperfections and achieving individual success.  Influenced by non-profit organizations in Charlotte working towards benefiting the community, we as a group of seven students felt it to be necessary to constitute a long lasting positive impact on Charlotte’s hungry.  With a mission aiming to aid and benefit those in distress in the Charlotte Community facing the everyday challenge of starvation, Cans for Kids was created valuing the ideals of hard work, contribution, and leaving a positive impact on society.  With the vision to end hunger in Charlotte and assist larger non-profit organizations in ending the phenomenon worldwide, we as a group began diligently working towards accomplishing our objective.  With our promise to do good, Cans for Kids accepted a PDS Logo Paper Clip in order to initiate a process termed voluntary trade, which would become our business’s stimulant.  With a colossal amount of ambition, Cans for Kids paved an outline for success in hopes of conquering an almost impossible puzzle.  Our future story and journey to making a long lasting positive impact on Charlotte has just begun.

Eager to begin our journey, we began brainstorming for items eligible and necessary for our company to flourish.  Our company hoped that this paper clip would make a difference in the world.  We set out many goals and missions we hoped to accomplish after completing our project.  Our mission is to aid and benefit those in distress in the Charlotte community valuing the ideals of hard work, contribution, and impacting society.  We also set a vision to pave our future, which is to strive towards ending hunger and create a long-term solution to feeding those in need.  Identifying the most successful way to benefit the company and get closer to our mission was to trade for gift cards, we began to work extremely hard on increasing our inventory and the quantity on the gift cards themselves.

Many people would see voluntary trading as an insane and useless tool especially after knowing we expected to go away from a trade with an increase in value.  Cans For Kids was able to successfully complete all of these transactions by convincing people of our story and mission capturing their attention and intent to contribute.  We began to discover that many people that we traded with became loyal to our cause and company and were always asking if we had anything to trade.

After a while, our company became stumped as we argued over what the overall deliverable would be.  Problems such as having to pick up the slack of others delayed our success, but we were able to push through the negatives and focus on the positives.  Our company at the end of the project was proud of how we were able to solve difficult conflicts and prosper from them.  We were also extremely content that we were able to bring many people into our journey and story.  We would constantly update our followers about what was going on.  When we told our story to the people we traded, we hoped that they would want to follow our success and contribute.  We believed that by bringing people into to our story, we could push towards our goal at a quicker rate as a result of being supported.

Food Truck CartThere are multiple non-profit organizations around Charlotte which we received inspiration from and hoped to share that drive with others.  We strove to involve the Charlotte community at first to support and join our cause.  With week fourteen coming around, Cans For Kids has decided to continue to chase after the goal of ending hunger.  Like the Millennium Development Goals, we also wanted to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

With this being said, we have a bigger task to accomplish throughout our years at Providence Day School.  The future goal that we set for ourselves was to get a food truck or cart so that we could travel around Charlotte and feed those people who are not able to reach a Soup Kitchen.  Through hard work and perseverance, we know that we will be able to leave a long lasting positive impact on the community.

Cans for Kids

To view Cans for Kids’s mid-semester advertisement, click here.


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