Below you will find information about each of the courses that I have taken in the Master of Arts in Education (MAED) program at Michigan State University.  I started the program in the fall of 2008 knowing that I could only manage (in terms of both time and money) to take two courses per year.  Fortunately the program has a 5 year maximum for coursework, which meant that I would be using all five years in order to complete the ten required courses.  But there are only 9 courses listed below, you say?  This portfolio is the product of my final course–the capstone portfolio course.  Like the play-within-a-play, this is my coursework within my coursework.  Please click on the course titles if you would like to see, read, listen to or watch examples of my work (or you can just use the drop-down menu under the Coursework tab above).  I’ve included just about all of my work from each course.  Enjoy!

Fall 2012:  EAD861  Adult Education

Professor William Arnold

Before taking this course, I assumed that adult learners were pretty much the same as younger learners.  However, I finished the course with a much broader and deeper understanding of the diversity and complexity of adult learners and with an appreciation of different theories and approaches to learning in adulthood.

Summer 2012:  CEP 800  Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings

Professor Danah Henriksen & Ammon Wilcken

In addition to the content focusing on the psychology of learning, we learned and practiced using new technologies in our work for this course.  I completed this course with a deeper understanding of the cognitive and affective aspects of learning and with new technology skills, each of which I have since applied meaningfully to my work.

Fall 2011:  TE818  Curriculum in its Social Context

Professor Kevin Holohan

This intense and interactive course helped me to appreciate the long and controversial history of American education.  As is often said, you can’t know where you are and where you’re headed if you have no concept of where you came from.  This course left me feeling better able to reflect on future hopes in light of how we came to be where we are.

Summer 2011:  TE825  Teaching Diverse Learners & Diverse Subject Matter

Professor Rebecca Jacobson

Because the make-up of schools has become more and more diverse, this course was designed to help teachers truly get to know their students and the socio-cultural contexts of their schools.  I finished this course very encouraged in my improved ability to see students as they are, not only as I want to see them.

Fall 2010:  CEP818  Creativity in Teaching & Learning

Professor Punya Mishra & Kristen Kereluik

Throughout this course we studied the meaning of creativity and considered its place in schools.  This thoroughly engaging course pushed me to think more creatively, to encourage creativity, and to be more creative myself.  I probably spent more time on this course than was fair to my family, but I sure loved the learning that was required of us in this course.

Summer 2010:  EAD867  Case Studies in Educational Leadership

Professor Marilyn Amey & Eric Jessup-Anger

Having read and written about the value of case studies during EAD801 (see below), I was very excited to take this course.  Picking apart and analyzing case studies from different perspectives helped me to better understand Michael Fullan’s statement, “Never a checklist.  Always complexity.”  This course was challenging, fast-paced, and very engaging.  The only trouble with taking this course in the summer was that it was over too quickly and left me wanting more.

Spring 2010:  EAD850  Issues & Strategies in Multicultural Education

Professor Reitumetse Mabokela

Considering multicultural education in its historical, systemic, institutional, and interpersonal contexts, we worked to initiate processes of developing personal multicultural perspectives.  Our goal was to more ably serve all of our students within those contexts.  I was especially thankful to have been introduced to Paulo Freire’s work during this course.

Spring 2009:  EAD801  Introduction to Educational Leadership

Professor Nancy Colflesh

Consistently pushed and encouraged by Professor Colflesh, not only was I challenged to reconsider my earlier assumptions about leadership, but I also discovered the areas of education that I love to study.  I left this course hungry to learn more about the value of care, the common good, and shared experiences in schools.

Fall 2008:  ED800  Concepts of Educational Inquiry

Professor Steven Weiland

Described as “self-paced,” I was never alone in this course.  With Professor Weiland as a guide, we explored the foundations of education alongside some of its greatest, deepest, most intimate, and various thinkers and practitioners.  I finished the course better able, prepared, and invigorated to continue exploring educational purposes and practices.


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